If you’re Not Incorporating Tinting Windows Then Why Not?

Whether you are a homeowner or a property developer there are a number of things which you should be incorporating into your property without fail. One of these things is tinted windows. This really need not be an expensive installation as you can buy tinted film which when fitted will give you all of the benefits whilst looking highly professional. But what are some of the advantages of tinted windows and why is it such a no-brainer to have in your home or rental property?


Obviously the darker windows will make your property much harder to see inside of. This will make it less attractive to burglars as they won’t have items on show enticing them into the property. In addition to this having your windows tinted will make them stronger and less prone to being shattered. A window is one of the prime locations for an intruder to find a point of entry so making them harder to breach will be a deterrent as well as an extra obstacle to tackle for any criminal attempting to break in.

Reduced Maintenance Bills

reduce billWindow tinting will keep your property cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This is through its ability to block the UV rays entering the property and also reducing the heat being lost back out through the windows. This will clearly help with electricity costs as you won’t be having to use the air conditioning as much in the summer and won’t be leaking heat from your house when you have to warm it up internally in the colder months.

Reduced Glare and Sun Damage

Reduced GlareDuring certain months of the year the sun sits lower in the sky and can cause an annoyance as it creates glare in the house. This can make TV viewing an annoyance or just provide a general nuisance at particular times of the day. As well as this the sunlight can cause considerable damage to your furniture. Extended exposure will stain or fade many items and this will mean that you are either lumbered with the cost of replacing it or just having to tolerate unpleasant marks on your furniture. This often costs a lot of money so you should try to find any way to protect it so window tinting is an easy way to deal with this issue inexpensively.

Increased Property Value

If and when you come to selling a property having tinted windows is another selling point for your house. Given the associated benefits you can use these to promote the sale and it is something not always as common as you would think so it gives your property a bonus over many rival alternatives on the market.


It is fair to say that glass tinting for buildings will make them look much more aesthetically pleasing. You can have different effects or grades of tints and when combined well with the overall look of a property it can really improve the overall design. This can be a good additional selling point but also as a private home owner it can be the final touch your house was looking for to finish its design.