What is a Tree Surgeon?

What is a tree surgeon? Is it just some fancy way of describing someone who butchers and removes trees? Or is there more to it? Commonly referred to as tree loppers, or sometimes arborists, tree surgeons are specialists in the field of horticulture, specifically, tree care and maintenance. But what does a tree surgeon do and why are they so important?

A tree surgeon keeps our natural environment safe and hazard free

Trees if left unchecked can grow unruly and become dangerous. For example, if a branch becomes diseased and rots, it is significantly more likely to break off in the wind and cause damage to property, or worse, seriously injure a passer-by. Thus, a tree surgeon is able to maintain trees and remove any dead or dying branches before they can become problematic.

Local councils will work with tree surgeons to maintain the trees and green spaces in public areas, ensuring the safety of all people in their proximity. This is an important job and one that never ends, given the great abundance of trees that there are scattered throughout public areas in Australia.

A tree surgeon can maintain the health of a tree

Trees can face a great number of issues whether it be pests, diseases, fungal infection, or other environmental factors. A tree surgeon is able to identify the root cause of a problem (pun intended) and take the appropriate course of action to rectify it. For example, if a tree has a pest problem, if left unresolved it could lead to killing the tree, which would be a terrible waste. A tree surgeon can resolve the pest problem and subsequently maintain the health of the tree and promote strong future growth.

The same applies with pruning. Certain branches can grow mishappen and become problematic for a young tree. A tree surgeon can successfully trim these problematic branches away without killing the tree or inflicting too much unnecessary trauma. This treatment is essential in not only maintaining the tree’s health, but keeping it looking clean and aesthetically attractive.

Protect heritage listed trees

There is an ever-evolving list of protected trees in Australia which must be maintained. Such trees are legally protected by the government and must not be damaged or removed. A tree surgeon is able to easily identify these trees for residents, so as to ensure that there is no unlawful removal of protected heritage trees.

This is especially important if you don’t wish to face hefty fines. So, if you would like a tree removing but you’re not sure what species of tree it is, it’s always worth calling a professional tree surgeon to identify it for you. If you’re interested in exploring tree surgeons further and would like to know more about the various services that they offer and how it might be of benefit to you, then you should find a reputable company like AB Trees to assist you.