Understanding Different Types of Pool Pumps

Pool Pumps

The pump in a swimming pool is the beating heart of the entire system. It is the mechanism that drives the entire system and quality swimming pool pumps will give you far greater energy efficiency as well as allowing your filtration system to operate at its optimum level of performance. There are three main types of pool pumps available and pool & spa specialists such as APS Rewinds will have single-speed, two (or three)-speed and variable speed pumps on offer but what is the real difference between them and how do you know which you should go for? Your choice could affect your water clarity as well as your wallet so it’s worth understanding the key differences.

Single-Speed Pumps

These are the most common type of pool pump you can get. As the name suggests they only run at one constant, pre-determined speed. They are highly popular as they tend to be the least expensive pumps available which adequately fulfil their purpose for many pool owners. If you have a relatively basic pool setup consisting of just a body of water without water features and other optional extras, then one of these types of pumps will be completely suitable to the job. Something to note, however, is that whilst they are cheaper to purchase initially, they can prove to be quite expensive to run. Having only one speed setting means it’s obviously on or off and there is no option to lower the energy usage when it is needed less to conserve costs. The electricity charges on these types of pumps can become very high if you’re not careful.

Multi-Speed Pumps

Pool pumps also commonly come as two-speed or even three-speed pumps which, again just as you’d expect, come with the applicable number of pre-set speeds. They operate in the same way as single-speed pumps but their ability to switch between different speeds makes them more energy efficient and preferable in spas and pools with water features. By choosing to reduce the speed on your pump without having to shut it off entirely, you can experience considerable reductions in energy usage and therefore running costs. In addition to this, spas require a minimum of two speed settings, a lower one for filtration purposes and a higher speed for any jet action. If you do own a spa, have water features or are worried of incurring great electricity costs, then it’s definitely worth the extra initial outlay to upgrade from a single-speed pump.

Variable Speed Pumps

These pumps are the premium pumps to purchase. They will be more expensive at first but they will save you financially in the long run. Unlike two-speed or three-speed pumps, they do not have a choice of pre-set speeds to pick from to suit your required usage but rather these will regulate the necessary speed themselves. No matter how complicated your pool or the different speeds you might require for different functions, the pump will automatically adjust the speeds accordingly. The lower the flow rate in a pool the less friction that is generated and consequently the whole pool system will run much more efficiently. A variable-speed pump will be able to come down to the lowest possible speed at any one time and this will cause enormous savings for your electricity bills. In addition, they are known to be the quietest pumps available and will promote better filtration keeping your pool cleaner.