What to Do to Solve Poor TV Reception

Intermittent reception can be such an infuriating thing! Oftentimes it would almost be more desirable to have no reception at all than having a stuttering, stop-start program to view. Murphy’s Law always dictates that it’ll be at the absolute key moments when the thing you’re watching chooses to deteriorate or completely skip. Just as your team looks like they’re about to score seems to be the one I’ve often fallen victim to!

Now the best way to solve any problem (I believe) is through process of elimination and this absolutely applies to fixing your TV reception problems. So don’t suffer in silence, follow this set of procedures and root out the problem thus hopefully rectifying the issue.

Damaged Cables and/or Dodgy Connections

cable connectionYes I know it seems daft but the first thing you should check is if your cables are properly plugged in. Leads can easily become dislodged on that occasion when we moved the cabinet on which your TV rests or through our children playing in the living room. Do yourself a favour and check this first. Having established that the cables are connected properly the next thing you should do is check the quality of them. RF coaxial cables can easily lose their proper connection by not being threaded properly but they can be easily fixed. Also a tangled cable can disrupt the signal so try to keep it free and not tied up in knots. Check the quality etc. and having decided this is not an issue you can move on.


The next thing you should check is whether your TV is tuned in properly and the easiest way to do this is to simply re-tune it. Everyone’s television has different ways to do this depending on the brand and your provider so check the instruction manual if in doubt. Complete this and see if your reception has fixed itself. I’m going to be completely honest a few times I’ve done this and everything has seemed to magically fixed itself. Any technology can be temperamental so try to do this regularly as many things which claim to self-update often don’t and need to be prompted.

Check the Antenna

tv antennaIf you have reached the point where the issue doesn’t seem to lie with the TV itself, the tuning or the cables then it would appear that the poor reception can only be caused by poor weather conditions or a damaged or misaligned antenna. If you have an indoor antenna mounted next to your television then have a play with this, moving it around seeing if it was just positioned badly. It might be a case that you could actually do with a roof mounted aerial because the one you have doesn’t cut it. If you have an outdoor aerial go and look if it looks damaged or has been knocked out of position by a strong gust of wind. However, do yourself a favour! Don’t be a hero and get up on the roof yourself to fix it. Call an engineer and ask them to do the necessary antenna repair. Like I said before at least having done a process of elimination check you will be confident that aren’t going to come round and point out that the RF cable wasn’t plugged in properly!