How to Seal Concrete Flooring Yourself

The advantages of choosing concrete as your flooring material, whether it is for your own home or as part of a property development are numerous. It is one of the cheapest options available whilst also being easy to maintain, durable, versatile and adaptable. It is renowned for being stain resistant but this can be improved yet further by having the concrete surface properly sealed. This protective layer will extend the life of the flooring and increase the various benefits which concrete provides. The process of sealing the floor is something which many people will attempt to do themselves as with the right tools and knowhow it is quite possible to do oneself. Here’s a step by step guide how to go about it if this is something you wish to try to do.

Empty the Roomempty room

This goes without saying but still this guide would not be complete without clarifying it. The first thing to do in the room or space which you are looking to seal is to completely empty it. You want to have absolutely nothing lying around and so you will need to store everything away somewhere else.

Remove Skirting Boards

Before you clean and sweep the room you should remove all of the skirting boards. If you don’t you will only end up sweeping and cleaning a second time. Use a crowbar to gently pry the boards away from the wall. If you do this carefully you will be able to remove these without causing them any damage and these will be perfectly reusable afterwards. Store the skirting boards away in an appropriate place, ideally lying down so they do not bend from their own weight in the meantime.

Sweep and Clean cleaning

Before applying a layer of sealant you should thoroughly sweep the area. Use a heavy duty brush to make sure that any debris is removed. It is a good idea to follow this up with wet mopping as this will pick up the smaller particles and dust. Dry mop afterwards and then leave it to thoroughly dry out before proceeding further. It is advisable to degrease the flooring at this point too. If there are any stubborn stains then you can use a stiff bristled brush to scrub the problem areas. Please note when using any chemicals you need to keep the area ventilated so open up all the windows and doors.

Fix Any Cracksfloor crack

Use a filler and apply it to any damaged sections of the flooring if needed. If this is not done then the sealant will not form a smooth consistent layer and will have weak spots within it which can lead to your hard work being wasted.

Seal the Floor

Take some of your concrete sealer and start around the edging with a small brush. Once you have been around all the edging take a roller on a long extension and apply the sealer to the rest of the floor in a controlled and uniform manner. Do this until you have evenly covered the entire area and all that remains to be done is leave it to dry for the stated period on the bottle and once dried reattach the skirting boards.

Need Help?

Any DIY job can run into issues at various points and if you are feeling that problems are occurring or you would like help to correct mistakes then approach one of the many affordable concrete contractors in your local area. They will be able to rectify any problems or help you if you are not confident filling the cracks etc.