Plants and trees – good for the mind and soul 

There is a substantial amount of research that has been conducted over the years into the design of towns and cities and how the people that live in them perceive them and feel about their environments.Depending on where you live in the world and within your country, the government and companies building housing and other buildings will have various objectives they are focusing on.  When it comes to housing, the normal criteria is to build as many individual properties in a space as possible as this will enable the government to house as many people as possible and allow the building company to maximise their profits.  This is not to say that other factors are not considered; once construction is complete, housing estates are normally landscaped to make them appealing to look at.  This is even more important with buildings that are in a more public space, such as city centres.  There is an emphasis on a final appearance to these projects, but this has not always been the case.

A 20th century concern

This impetus on aesthetics is a much more modern concern than people might believe.  Historically, large towns and cities were so crammed full of people that any space that could house someone most likely was doing so.  Homelessness was a big problem and space was a premium so if it was possible to put any kind of building in a space then that was quite often what was done.  After the Second World War, especially across Europe, there was a huge emphasis on rebuilding after the devastation of man major cities.  During this time, people were once again concerned with having somewhere to live rather than how it looked, but once everything had settled down from this terrible and turbulent time in history, people started to think a bit differently.  Towards the latter half of the 20th century new building projects were intended to complement the overall area they were built in as thoughts turned to the future.


The role of plants

A key part of this new focus on landscaping was the use of plants.  There is strong psychological evidence that tells us that the human psyche responds positively to the presence of plants in their environment.  There are of course the practical reasons for this, such as having nice shady spaces near buildings for people to sit in and enjoy the outside space and also some basic shelter if required.  But more relevantly having a green space outside of homes and offices has been proven to substantially improve the moods of people working or living nearby.  There is even evidence to suggest that patients recovering in hospital that have views of trees and open grassy spaces can actually heal faster than without these views.

Direct effects

Having trees, bushes, flowers and grass outside a place of work helps improve concentration amongst staff.  This is attributed to the positive effect it has on the mind by providing a pleasant and more natural view, but there is also the factor of increased oxygen production in the local vicinity.  This is the same effect and feeling that is received by being out of cities and “enjoying fresh air” as the saying goes, but to a smaller degree.  There is also evidence that shows green areas have reduced social issues and unrest, but there is a lack of in depth analysis of this topic.

bulding turfWhat to plant

When landscaping, either on a large scale building project of a smaller scale housing project, then there are a couple of considerations.  Firstly, deciding how much open grass space is going to be provided and what kind of grass might be chosen.  It is recommended to select a strong and resilient grass for this purpose and building companies will normally use turf for this purpose.  This can be simulated on any scale by using beautiful Matilda ready to lay lawn turf or a similar product as these can provide fantastic results in a short timeframe.  Whatever size project you are looking at completing, turf like this should always be purchased from a recognised and respected specialist akin to A View Turf Suppliers.  This ensures the turf you receive will come from a trusted turf farm and make sure your project gets the best result.