If you’re looking to secure your home from unwanted intruders, then installing the latest security equipment is by far the best thing you can do. Protecting your property is something that everyone should consider but, more often than not, homeowners tend to skip simple measures that can go a long way towards protecting your home from unwanted intruders.

Install High Grade Locks

Nowadays there are many high-tech digital locks on the market. From digital door locks and digital deadbolts these models feature keyless security that requires a code, fingerprint or even iris scan to unlock the door.

If you’ve not quite reached the digital age and would prefer to install good old fashioned mechanical locks then be sure to buy ones that are Grade-1 or Grade 2. These heavy-duty locks prevent burglars from picking, prying or twisting a lock open with force.

Install High Tech Security Equipment

Locks, deadbolts and padlocks can only do so much. If you’re looking to protect your home from opportunistic thieves then it’s a good idea to install high-tech alarm systems, motions sensors, and intercoms.

Security Cameras and DVR Systems

latest security equipment

Security cameras and CCTV have been used as effective security systems for commercial properties for years. But with modern day advancements in technology, these systems are now much more affordable and are a viable option for you to acquire the latest security equipment on offer today.

Modern security camera can be linked to a DVR system that records everything that happens. These systems can incorporate up to 16 different cameras, so you can monitor every corner of the house. They also come with compatible apps that let you view the different cameras from your smart phone, tablet, or computer.
Furthermore, surveillance cameras are not just a great way to monitor what’s going on, they also act as an effective visual deterrent.

Motion Light Alarm

Motion light alarms are another great visual deterrent. Burglars looking to prey on your property under the cover of darkness will be on the lookout for such alarms and if they don’t see one, they’ll know your house is more vulnerable than the next. Motion sensors installed in the alarms can trigger both light and sound, and can track movement up to 30 meters away.

These systems often feature the ability to customise your alert sounds so loud alarm sirens don’t have to blast out every time the motion sensor is triggered.

Wireless Intercoms and Doorbells

Intercoms, or doorbells, with screens and two-way communications can help you identify who is at the door before you open it. Some models also feature cameras that can record images when a person arrives at the door. Whilst this doesn’t act as a visual deterrent for burglars, it can help prevent scam artists, or any forceful intruders as they know their face will most likely be captured on film should they choose to enter the house through that entrance.

Seek Locksmith Advice on the Latest Security Equipment

No matter whether you’re installing a new lock or alarm, it’s advisable to hire the services of a trusted locksmith. Companies don’t only offer complete installation, surveying and consultation on your home security and the latest security equipment on offer, so you can decide with confidence on which systems you would like installed in your property. They also provide a 24-hour, 7 days a week, emergency, residential, commercial and automotive security services to all areas.

Every home should be fitted with Security Doors

It’s absolutely paramount that both your home’s front and back doors are appropriately secure. And by that I don’t just mean ensuring that their frames are sturdy, in good condition and absent of rot and decay etc. It is also important that you consider taking further steps than simply making sure that you lock the doors when you go to bed! Why not consider installing a proper security door to help thoroughly secure your home?

Security doors can not only improve the general aesthetic feel of your home upon entry, but they also provide a significant amount of protection – especially when it comes to insects! Take a stainless steel security mesh screen for example: this is when these security guards offer more than just added security when answering the door to strangers. In fact by using these security doors Sydney residents can let some air through the house on a summer’s day while still offering a bit of protection from unwanted visitors such as scorpions, mosquitos and other pests.

Often patio doors can serve as a weak point as they tend not to have key-operated locking devices. You can pick up locking devices that have been designed specifically for patio doors from the majority of DIY stores.  Multi locking point systems are essential if you are to truly secure your home from any outside threats. Don’t just assume that it won’t happen to you! The chances are very slim, however it always pays to ensure that your home is thoroughly secure and involves systematically securing every weak point in your home.