How to know when it’s time to refit your office

We all get to that stage where we are just sick of the sight of our workplace, whether that’s because we work so hard to push our boundaries and do as much as we can for the company, or simply because the office itself has become dusty, aged and just rundown in general. It’s just an eyesore than a working environment at this point and your employees have been complaining about how outdated all of your equipment is and that the current facilities that you have are no longer fit for purpose. So maybe at this point you should start to consider getting the office outfitted to rejuvenate it.

An office refit involves removing all of the horrible 80’s style, pressboard furniture that went out of style about a week after it was made and, ideally, sourcing some new equipment for your staff to help them get their jobs done more efficiently. However it’s a process that requires a lot of planning to figure out how to prioritize and require some research into using companies or a contractor who offers office fitouts. They will be sharing some of their knowledge on what signs to look out for to tell you that you need to think out refitting your office.

Time since last refit

Even the most tastefully decorated and skillfully fitted work will wear over time, such is the nature of life itself and there is little you can do to actually stop that. You can patch and repair it as it becomes broken and worn out, however periodically even well maintained and fully functional offices require refitting with new furniture and just a general change of tone, colour as well as a modernization of the equipment, like copiers and printers, with shiny new ones that get tasks done twice as quickly. Or you may just feel that the office no longer feels like it represents your company by virtue of being stuck in the past.

It’s recommended that an office space is refitted around every 5-7 years in order to keep up to date. If your office actually services and receives clients then you may want to think about getting it done maybe every 2-3 years or so. After all you don’t want your valued clients walking away with the impression that your company is slow to move with the time, as this will create a negative impression of not just your office itself, but of also your company as a whole.

Functionality and employee motivation

Have you noticed your staff becoming frustrated more around the office? Maybe things have become slightly tense and part of this reason could be the equipment in your office either being unfit for the task at hand by being to slow in the case of something like a photocopier, by having an insufficient amount of them for everybody to do their work as fast as possible as often becomes the case with printers. This frustration at having high workloads and things that they need to get done combined with the frustration of having office equipment that simply doesn’t even want to cooperate with the simplest of tasks.

This is probably the one that will affect your business the most as no matter what the staff are paid, their frustration at having a nonfunctional office that doesn’t assist them in completing the work required of them will cause them to lose motivation. If your staff lose motivation then the gusto with which they approach their work will also become impacted. It is something of a self-compounding problem, however it’s easy to kill two birds with one stone by refitting your office and replacing all of the office equipment not just frustrating your staff, but threatening to undermine all of your hard work so far.