How Do You Know When You Need to Call an Emergency Electrician?


Chances are we have all experienced electrical issues in our homes or workplaces such as power cuts. These aren’t so uncommon and often get rectified very quickly. Adverse weather conditions and falling trees are some of the most likely candidates for the issue. However, there are other times when there are more pressing matters than just a temporary loss of power and sometimes these can be very serious if they are not dealt with quickly. It is on occasions such as this when you need to get in contact with an emergency electrician. So how do you identify the situations when this is necessary? You don’t want to be calling one out when they are really not needed but at the same time you might be experiencing quite dangerous circumstances if you do not act quickly when you spot certain issues. Here are a few times when you really should get on the phone and get an electrician out to you immediately.

Emergency call

Neighbours Still Have Power

As I’ve mentioned already, it is not uncommon for your local area to lose power temporarily. If a neighbourhood has experienced this, then there is no point calling up an emergency electrician. This will require your local electrical provider to rectify it. If you have an electricity outage the first thing you should do is check if the nearby houses have suffered the same. If it appears that you are the only property to suffer a power cut, then the chances are the problem is related to you alone and so you will need to get an electrician out to identify and resolve it.

Signs of Burning

Whenever an electricity outage happens you will likely go and inspect your electrical boxes. Sometimes it can be as simple as a fuse being flicked or replaced to fix the problem. However, be cautious when you approach the electrical box. If you can see any signs of smoke, electrical sparks or can smell burning you need to stay well away from it. Get straight on the phone to an emergency electrician because this can be very dangerous. Not only could the fire spread but you could receive quite severe electrical shocks.

Evidence of Rust

Keep an eye out for any signs of rust around any of the electrical boxes or points around the house. Rust should set off warning signs because it demonstrates the presence of water and water and electricity is not a combination you want. I would always recommend that you are overly cautious when it comes to rust and that you are proactive in having it investigated by an emergency electrician. It is better to be safe than sorry and get the problem checked out sooner rather than later so that you keep your home and yourself as safe as possible.