Awnings Now Are So Much More Than a Suspended Piece of Fabric

The concept of an awning is certainly not a new thing. Historically they were used by Egyptian and Syrian civilisations to provide shade from the intense daytime sun on market stalls and at home. Nowadays their function hasn’t changed but the technologies utilised within them have. It is perfectly sound to have the more simplistic designs and still reap the benefits from them. They can be used for blocking the sun coming into the house, providing shade to an outdoor area such as on a patio or you can even use awnings for weather protection so that you can still sit outside when it’s raining. However we now have various options to choose from and they can vary greatly. So let’s explore some of the technology advancements within awnings and see that they are more than just a traditional canvas blind which hangs above a window.


Vertiscreen Blinds

Not all awnings need necessarily protrude outwards from buildings. In some cases this can be undesirable or even impractical but it does not mean that you cannot have an awning. Vertical screens can be installed on windows or glass doors so that you can enjoy the sun protection or privacy which an awning provides without using any additional space. You can purchase vertiscreens from suppliers to darken a room, reduce the heat of somewhere at key times or even, when using see through materials, to help you to enjoy a view which can become obscured for periods of the day if your window faces in the direction of the sunlight. They have a very modern sleek look and can be motor driven so that they operate at the touch of a button or even on a timer.


Glass Roof Awning

It is perfectly possible to purchase awnings to compliment your glass rooves now. These are fantastic if you want to reduce the heat of the incoming sun but not block out the light too much. They are often installed above conservatories as these can quickly turn into greenhouses in the summer months. Having a glass roof awning gives you all of the benefits of a traditional fabric awning but when you need it so you can maximise the functionality of your glass roofed areas.


Indoor Blinds

Whether you are looking for traditional venetian blinds or sunscreen blinds, the idea remains the same. Having the option to reduce glare or incoming heat can be of great benefit but not everyone wants to have awnings or such like which are outside the property. This is where indoor blinds come in. They can make a glass room more private when you require it or give an added layer of security when you are outside of the home, blocking a potential intruder’s view of your personal belongings inside. Obviously having indoor blinds means that they will last longer without wear and tear as they are not exposed to the elements and with all of the options now available it is quite simple to find ones which will compliment your interior décor.