3 Detrimental Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an Old Home

Are you an old home lover and thinking of buying one? You are in love with the features that old homes have, such as wood craftsmanship from another era and immense walk-in fireplace? An old home is like a classy and elegant woman with personality, history and experience, however, that personality comes with steep prices and high maintenance.

Personally, I will never buy an old home. There are too many legit reasons as well as serious questions to ask yourself before you decide to buy an old home. For instance, do you have time for the time-consuming renovation, can you afford to remove hazardous materials that may be contained, and can you put up with living with termites or bats that have called your house home for years before you? Last question makes me cringe and immediately say no to buying an old home.

Of course, that was just my personal opinion. For you, probably your love for old homes conquers the frustrating work that it might consume.

I will give 3 reasons related to health issues why I don’t think you should buy an old home, and it is suggested to seriously take everything into consideration and look at the big picture then decide if an old home is right for you.


1.    Hazardous Materials—Asbestos and Lead Paint

paintAsbestos and Lead paint are 2 hazardous materials used in home construction until relatively recently. Lead paint is detrimental for children’s development, while overtime exposure to airborne asbestos can lead to lung cancer. Many old homes contain these 2 harmful substances. Consider if you want to put the work into the removal of these 2 materials.

As to lead paint, if you are a great DIYer and you don’t mind removing it yourself, please take good care and be cautious with any chipping paints around windows and doors and trims where Lead usually was used. You can also choose to get certified Lead inspectors to do the project for you. The price varies on what it might cost to remove lead paint, but an average lead paint removal project costs $10,000.

In terms of Asbestos, you can hire experienced roofing contractors to take charge of your asbestos removal and re-roofing project.


2.    Termites and Bats

TermitesTermites and bats are 2 big headaches for old home lovers. Due to a greater age of an old home, most likely thousands of termites and bats have started to call it home for years.

Get termite inspectors to test if there is any termites in wood, floor and wallpaper, remove them if your home has termites.

Bats aren’t such a small deal compared to termites. It is not so challenging to remove termites, but extremely difficult to kick out bats. You can only kick them out twice a year when they can relocate and don’t have any young because you are endangered species and you can’t kill them, which means you have to live with them till the end of summer. I was astonished how some people can put up with LIVING WITH BATS.


3.    Mold

Mold usually occurs in basement and bather after overtime exposure to excessive moisture. It can cause you awful headaches after being in a room that contains mold, also it is harmful and risky for your health.

Mold remediation can be costly, but luckily our technology today is advanced enough. One of your solutions is to get the mold heated, so it allows the treatment to take place, and add a dehumidifier as well as an air exchanger.