Quality Residential Engineering

With over 20 years experience in residential engineering, the Noi Engineering team can assure you of a professional project completed each and every time. The team has international experience in projects as large as entire housing villages.

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Full scale service

Our range of services include slab design, retaining walls and full project design or inspections amongst many others. Our team of 6 are able to complete any scale of project from a-z with maximum professionalism and minimal fuss.

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Workmanship guaranteed

All work carried out by Noi Engineering comes with a 3 year workmanship warranty against any building or design defaults. All of our designs and inspections are carried out with stringent care to ensure no possible construction errors are made.

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Engineering Communities through Building and Architecture

As the population of the earth is continually increasing, the communities we live in have to expand to meet the needs of the public. This calls for new buildings to be designed and existing buildings to be modified to fulfil the needs of growing numbers of people. As this growth continues, architects and engineers are frequently designing bridges, buildings and various forms of public transportation to support people in their day-to-day lives.

Noi Engineering strives to complement the local areas with its continual advancement of sustainable energy and the growth of local communities. This growth can be a wonderful opportunity for residents. The opening of superstores and commercial properties helps to provide local jobs in that community. With the subsequent growth of colleges and universities, comes the benefit of better education and better opportunities for the students. This also brings the possibility of the production of better roads and in some cases bridges that can reduce travel time.

Economic Growth in Perth and in Mining Communities

Partly due to the mines in Western Australia, the rate of inflation has increased tremendously. The mining companies pay their employees very well as the mines can be in very remote locations and employees are often called upon to do months of working without friends and family companionship. The surrounding areas then see house prices fluctuate and they become too expensive to the average Joe, this in turn creates an increase in salaries for local employees.

There are positives to this growth that can help with small to medium size businesses, particularly builders, who can make business extending homes to make them more comfortable for growing families. This in turn helps other professionals in the building industry like patio builders that use cheap pavers that still have great quality. Utilizing the space you have is very important to the growth of a city or town. As land and house prices increase the general cost of home improvements or property maintenance don’t usually rise at the same rate as inflation, so it is useful to improve the property that you already live in and make the most of the space you have.

Building Extensions

Extension building is a fantastic way to increase the value of your property, you have to undergo months of construction work. Make sure you hire a good architect as we know for ourselves, there is a big difference between an average Joe and someone with true talent. A talented architect knows how to really make the most out of the space you have, even if it is limited.  Building an extension can be noisy and dirty, and for a short time you will lose some of the space. Once again though you are putting money back into the local community and supporting a small to medium business whilst also investing into the value of your estate. If you are currently living in Perth you may find that you have trees in the way of your development, if this is the case you would be looking to employ a company that does the most efficient tree lopping in Perth.

Once your construction is complete, you should insure your property and it is important to know what the latest security equipment is on offer.  Also if you don’t have an eye for colour and design you should hire an interior designer. They know how to bring a room together and how best to make use of the light, mirrors and light coloured paint or wallpaper to help reflect the light off the walls. When decorating a bedroom, take into consideration if you need fitted furniture and of course the main focus of any bedroom is the bed. A pocket spring mattress is advisable as they give great back support and help give you a great night’s sleep. Having the right pillows and duvet help when it comes to comfort too, as you spend one third of your life asleep, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Also consider the safety of children on your property. For example, we have referred clients with newly constructed pools to a company we have worked closely with on some projects to install glass pool fencing as a safety measure that surprisingly most people had not considered when having their pool built. Where necessary, we will always advise clients about where safety measures need to be considered and implemented in construction.

A major factor when building a home or renovating one would be to take into account security; the safety of your family and personal possessions are very valuable. You may even want to seek professional advice in this situation, a 24 hour locksmith in this instance has priceless knowledge on what to do and what not to do to keep your home safe. Making sure that you don’t leave a window of opportunity for a passing-by burglar is paramount. Installing security lighting, locks and alarms and making sure they are used correctly can save you the inconvenience, misfortune and consequent financial loss.